The Vicious Worm is an information and advocacy tool on T. solium cysticercosis/taeniosis.

May 2015: The Vicious Worm now ready for all platforms: Windows, Mac, Android and Apple iOS

Visit the downloads page for Mac and Windows versions

The Vicious Worm can also be downloaded as an Android app. Search for The Vicious Worm in your app store and download it to your Android tablet or smart phone.

An iOS app is also available throughMac App store badge
iTunes/app store.


The target audience for the tool is first and foremost the people at risk. However, the end users are also the health care medics, veterinary extension officers and other professionals involved in either diagnosing, treating and preventing T. solium cysticercosis/taeniosis. Lastly, the major stakeholders and decision makers setting research and intervention priorities in countries at risk will be provided with fact sheets and an updated policy brief.

The tool is divided into three levels, village town and city:




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  1. Ayenew washelegne Abebe

    Dear all
    Thank you having such level of awareness creation.


  2. Very nice invention!

  3. I am a scientist working at National Institute of Veterinary Epidemiology and Disease Informatics (formerly project Directorate on Anim Dis Monitoring and Surveillance) at bengaluru India. we collect national data on livestock diseases reported from various states of the country and analyse it. can i download your software ?
    Kindly visit our web page http://www.nadres.res.in

  4. Christopher Saarnak

    Dear Dr. Gajendragad
    Yes of course you can download it!
    But we would be happy if you submit an evaluation form after having used it, you can find it under ‘Your Thoughts’, to the right in the menu bar. All feedback is appreciated.
    Christopher, on behalf of The Vicious Worm team.

  5. This is great creation!
    Congratulations to the team.

  6. Veterinarian microbiologist

  7. Gilson Njunga

    I am a veterinarian and porcine cysticercosis is a huge problem in my country. I find this awareness creation very unique since it covers all aspects of lifestyles from village set up to cities. Congratulations to the entire team.

  8. Evans K. Mwape

    This is indeed a very wonderful innovation and a tool that may just bring awareness to all on the Visious Worm.

    Well done and congratulations to the team.


  9. The awareness tool is innovative. However I have two comments as suggestions.
    a. The concept of village portrayed in the tool on this page is far more advanced than that in most of rural Sub-Saharan Africa. Accommodations in rural communities may be in the form of huts and rarely as portrayed. Is it possible to provide a second village model in addition to what is in the tool?

    b. I suggest that each drawing be accompanied with a short and succinct description of the salient message that the drawing is intended to send to target audience.
    For example:
    Village; pigs can transmit pig tape worms to humans, which can cause epilepsy. Prevent epilepsy caused by pig tape worm by rearing healthy pigs in enclosures.
    Town; Town dwellers can suffer from eating port infested with pig tape worms. Eat well cooked pork that veterinary doctors have inspected and verified safe for human consumption.
    Any case of epilepsy should be reported to the nearest health facility for proper investigation, diagnosis and treatment for pig tape worm infection.
    City; Ministries of Health, Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries can promote the consumption of safe pork with appropriate policies.

  10. Good invention and congratulations !!!!

  11. Solomon Nong'ona

    I like it, is a good job which can be understood by all levels of people

  12. Good info

  13. Gabriel Ntega

    your findings help us on disseminating knowledge and skills to our farmers.

  14. Chisoni Mumba

    This is very educative. The content is very easy to understand. This should be used in Africa to create awareness of the disease.

  15. This is an excellent, interactive and simple tool for awareness creation.

    Good work!

  16. A simplified tool for cysticercosis intervention/control

  17. An excellent way of communicating about Cysticercosis and with translations to other languages like Swahili, it is bound to impact well on the communities! Some wise man once said: ‘To make people understand you better, it is best to speak to them in their own language’

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